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And the cycle in which we are would have begun August 13, before J.

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According to them, this date corresponds to the fifth and last cycle of the Earth, what would end to the destruction of the world. He was assassinated few time after while he was going to combat against Persia. Number in relation with the moon: it covers on the average thirteen degrees per day and there are thirteen lunations in the year.

The Creation would be divided into thirteen dimensions and levels: in the first dimension, there are 13 levels; in the second dimension, there are 12 levels; in the third dimension, there are 10 levels. And so on until the thirteenth dimension, which is the dimension of the portal, which is the Dimension of the Christ.

And there, there is one level. The thirteen gates of the human body of the woman: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, the mouth, 2 breasts, the navel, the anus, the urethra and the vagina.

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Some advance that the Universe created is governed by thirteen fundamental constants of the physics which are amongst other the speed of the light, constants of Planck, Boltzmann and Eddington, the load of the proton, the mass of the proton and the electron to the rest, etc.

But this is far to make the unanimity for all seekers and scientists. In none of the most modern American buildings there is a 13th floor et bedroom number They has also taken the practice to proscribe the number 13 of the numbering in some streets. No more 13 also for some airlines and to the automotive race departure. It had been formed in Bordeaux, at the 19th century, a society of These jolly fellows organized banquets Friday of each week and committed all their businesses a Friday. The feast of the society was celebrated 13th Friday of each year.

Before sitting down at table, they never omitted to reverse the salt boxes. This mission, which proceeded from the 11 to April 17, , was already at midway of the Moon when an explosion occurred in an oxygen tank and paralyzed a part of instruments.

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The capsule had then to return on the Earth as soon as possible. Fischer calls thirteen the Jehovah factor since some words of the Hebraic language have been inspired by the essence of Jehovah whose numerical value is 26, that is to say equal to 2 x More, always in Ostervald Bible, the Old Testament counts chapters for the whole of 39 books.

The number 13 would be in a certain manner in correlation with our Earth planet which is called in Hebrew Eretz and that is written aleph, resh and tzade. The letter tzade put at the end of a word has not 90 but as value. This number, interpreted in the mathematical base two binary is equivalent to the number 13 in the decimal base. Numbers 17, 22 and are used 13 times in the Bible and the number is used 13 times in the OT in its cardinal form. In the Gospel of Saint John, Jesus uses on the whole 13 comparisons or titles to designate who he is really:.

The word star or star is used 13 times in the Koran. The words sickness, tear, dragon and the term "Son of God" are used 13 times in the NT. The words carnal and treason are used 13 times in the Bible. In the New Testament, 8 chapters possess 13 verses on the whole. And always in the New Testament, only 13 different numbers are equal or higher than No Replies Post a Reply. Latest of 63 Replies: Post a Reply. Read 53 more replies. Latest of 2 Replies: Post a Reply. Latest of 5 Replies: Post a Reply. Latest of 3 Replies: Post a Reply. Latest of 8 Replies: Post a Reply. Read 6 more replies.

Events Symbols Numerology World News. Resources Options Search. Calculate the number of your name with the Gematria Calculator. Comment on Number 13 Symbolism, 13 Meaning and Numerology Subject required Name optional Comments required Spam, links, and email addresses will be removed. He practiced medicine as a country doctor for 52 years 52 divided by 4 equels I was born on the 29 13 times 2 plus 3.

I gave my life to the lord january, 13, Keep my boat in slip 13 for 13 years. Wow— better go to bed, its almost the 13th hour— chip berry, kure beach, nc No Replies Post a Reply. No direct words were spoken but the spirit of christ let me see the beauty of everything in that 6 mile walk. Nothing else. It was beautiful. Glad i googled your site as i see many interesting things at some of the spiritual aspects of thos event. Nc No Replies Post a Reply.

I was born on Friday 13th and can not fathom equating such negativity and bad luck to my existence. However, along with that call has come a great deal of tests and challenges. My father is a pastor and I grew up in a very spiritual home. I have made some choices, good and bad, that have affected my life negatively and positively like everyone else. But for some reason, God has decided to share things with me in visions and dreams. Tears are streaming down my face as I type right now because often times I feel somewhat isolated and called to something that most won't understand.

God has also given me an incredibly soft heart, which causes me to sympathise and empathise on a very large scale. I will pray for peace, mind, body, sole, and mankind. I know I have a reason to live. And no matter what the devil knocks me down with I will stay. There are so many instances that I encounter Like my full name when reduced will make My first child was born last If I only seriously look for pattern in every thing that happens in my life, it might involve number My life has been very lucky but i have had to overcome huge challanges.

Call me the traveler. I don't know what to make out of it. But I feel stuck and any of my wishes has never come true as if somebody is standing on my way. In he became paralyzed from the waist down because some racist coward wanted to play God. He tried to run me and my son over in his dully.

13 Facts About Friday the 13th

If you don't know what that is it's an army truck yes he tried to kill us and the police believed him he told them he didn't see us. Long story but what a real coward. I have always been loving,empathetic,optimistic. I do struggle with mental illness and chronic pain, however it does not define me. I am also awaiting results from a DNA lab.

Sterling James Co. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. This was perfect for our teenager! She was so surprised and loved them! Such an awesome deal! Mom Philadelphia. I purchased these stickers for my daughter's 13th birthday party. While designed to fit Hershey miniatures, I used them on other halloween candy. The stickers fit particularly well on mini Twix and mini Starburst 2-packs. The stickers were printed clearly and the colors were vibrant.

The ink did not run when the labels were pressed onto the candy. It was possible to adjust the labels once when placed on the candy wrapper. I thought the price was a bit expensive for 3 sheets of stickers but my daughter and her friends enjoyed the extra touch of thirteen. Loved these decorations, the whole thing made a 13th birthday perfect!!!

The One Where They All Turn Thirty

These were great! Packaged nicely and way better quality than expected! Will definitely use this company in the future! Great quality, worth the price. It gave the cake a very fancy look, don't bother buying the plastic kind this one is sturdy made of aluminum I believe and we now have re-used it on a beautiful orchid plant as decoration. I absolutely loved it..