April 19 12222 the libra full moon is at the critical 29th

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It should be noted that Full Moon people are rarely dramatic in the expression of these two different natures, likely because opposite signs do share common ground. Generally the struggle is expressed mostly on the inside and with close partners. Those born under a Full Moon are learning about themselves through their close partnerships, and they need partners who want to be part of that process.

They are very sensitive to fluctuations and potential conflicts in their relationships. In fact, people born under Full Moons, even in the absence of any planets positioned in Libra, possess distinctly Libran traits in both their attraction to or dependence upon partnerships and their sensitivity to imbalance. Full Moon babies are negotiators and go-betweens.

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People born under a Full Moon generally have a hard time deciding what it is they really want and need. Needless to say, it can be very challenging for their partners to know how to satisfy them! However, the positive side to the story is that Full Moon babies are generally very accommodating and willing to try to make things work. An example is a woman who always took things slowly with a new boyfriend, who surprised herself by sleeping with a guy on a first date under a Full Moon.

This is because Full Moons are symbolic of a culmination rather than the new beginning symbolized by a New Moon. Over time, there can be a real tug of war going on between these two. Both parties must consciously work on avoiding putting each other in the position where they feel the need to defend their habits, opinions, and individual identities.

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Competitiveness may be stimulating for awhile, but it can also be very draining, especially if the individuals share a lot of time and space with each other. The ties to each other are usually very powerful.

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Sun opposition Moon in the Composite Chart: The differences between two people with this composite chart aspect are at once energizing and challenging. There is an intense sense of polarity between them. There may be frequent separations or conflicts, but a strong pull towards togetherness as well.

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This is a binding partnership that involves much give and take and plenty to learn from each other. Full Moons pull up all sorts of buried emotions, especially when they activate sensitive points in our charts.

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Events occur that, at first, seem surprising. What does that mean for you? By acting on our own inner impulses constructive ones! If we learn in such a manner to depend on ourselves, we will exude an all-new kind of strength that comes from personal integrity and confidence, and a pure and innocent charm.

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